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Sandra Oles

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Having been a proponent of chemical free products, I set out on a hobby journey to create remarkable skincare for myself that would enhance the appearance and texture of my skin, also realizing that what you put on your skin matters greatly. People do not make the connection between transdermal application and their physical health. Seems strange to me given that so many people use medicinal patches to transmit the effects of pharmaceuticals! Think about topical steroid use and the terrible side effects that come with it, such as: elevated triglycerides, anxiety, eye popping, moon face, rage, etc. Many millions of people

are using these topicals to treat eczema and other chronic skin conditions regularly! Your liver is working over time to process these chemicals, and many of them are lodging themselves in your fatty tissue, creating more health concerns and the cumulative effect of chemicals, pharmaceuticals are directly

responsible for many chronic ailments. Makes sense to try to "pick your poisons", doesn't it? Your skin is your largest organ, and it is imperative that it is treated gently and naturally for optimal appearance and health. 


I discovered the vast world of DIY skincare and became fervent in my mission. I experimented with combinations of naturally derived butters and oils until I

found healthy, natural solutions for my chronically dry skin and now share them with you.

I set out to create products that feel silky to the touch and make my skin feel softer after application. I wanted to feel it on my skin, but not have it affect my

life adversely by being too oily.  


One of the reasons for increased TEWL levels (water loss) in the skin, was water, the primary ingredient in most moisturizers!


If you have dry skin or eczema, then you may want to use an oil-based moisturizer like RIGHTEOUS SKIN to REDUCE water loss! Our moisturizer does not contain water, (with the exception of the green tea eye cream) therefore it locks in your skin's moisture more efficiently. 

Yours truly,

Sandra Oles