Great Skin Tone After 40

Righteous Skin Favorites Beauty Tool

It's important to realize that moisturizer is only part of the equation for great skin! Righteous Skin will definitely improve the appearance and texture of your skin, however, incorporating other methods are essential for having youthful, dewy, glowing skin.

Recently, I found CONTURE which is a super righteous little gem of a machine that actually works right away!

I do not use their products as they contain chemicals that I am not comfortable putting on my skin and into my body. I use Righteous Skin before I use the machine and I have to say the results are incredible!

Everyone who knows me knows I am fanatical about my skin and I am always in the know regarding the latest and greatest home skincare tools on the market. I cannot say enough great things about Conture's performance!

You do have to be mindful of the settings, as I mistakenly had the machine on the neck setting for my face and got a bit of red bruising on my cheek for about a week, which has now gone away!

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