Lowering Cholesterol in a Hurry

Lower your cholesterol Righteous skin

Having direct experience lowering my cholesterol by 100 points in 8 weeks, I thought I'd what I did to achieve maximum results.

Diet Change

Ingest little to no meat since you cannot be guaranteed that the meat is truly natural, grass fed, hormone free. If you must eat it, keep it to fish, or white meats once or at a maximum twice a week. If you must eat out, only allow one meal a week out, and do not order meat, since you don't know if it is truly organic, grass fed, etc. as they claim.

Eat no processed sugar, ever. If you have a hankering for sweets, eat fruit, end of story.

Vegetable based diet rich in greens, and colorful vegetables, mostly raw in a salad is a great way to go. What I do is make a large salad each weekday work morning containing the following: baby romaine, peppers, red onion, chick peas or organic white beans, dried cranberries, a little grated light cheese for satiation (yes it's an animal based product, but it helps me with feeling satisfied & crumbled goat cheese is probably the best choice) carrots, avocado & cucumber. Again, you can put whatever vegetables you like, as long as they are organic, GMO free.

Use organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar and pink Himalayan sea salt to taste. I like to buy my pink salt from Trader Joe's for $1.99, instead of whole foods for $8.99.

When you get a craving, spoon out salad all day long instead of reaching for chips, chocolate or a processed snack.

Idea for dinner, I like to have sauteed broccoli, white sweet onion and organic peppers prepared in a teflon free wok with sprouted brown rice, organic low sodium soy sauce and a pad of real organic salted butter. It's incredibly delicious and very satisfying.

Trader Joe's Rustic Multi grain bread has served me well in terms of carb satisfaction. I make toast with it in the morning with real butter.

idea for breakfast, Steel Cut Oats with berries and stevia is another satisfying breakfast! I use my 3square cooker, and if you click here, you will find some amazing recipes to make!

Exercise at least 4 times a week, cardio always, weights as time permits.


Berberine: I cannot say enough about this wonder supplement in terms of cholesterol lowering, sugar balancing, natural antibiotic properties! It's a wonder supplement if taken consistently, daily. It evens energy levels as well.

Probiotic: A good one to promote digestive health because eliminating waste is a great way to keep your body toxin free, and it is a way to eliminate fats! Probiotics are necessary for everyone if they want optimal health and a robust immune system.

Magnesium: I cannot say enough about the importance of taking at least 500 milligrams each night when you go to bed. They will help with sleep quality and also allow your digestive system to work efficiently. You will also have far less body cramps!

WATER- drink as much as you possibly can each day! Go for the ones with alkalizing properties! It will do you good! Improves eyesight & energy levels. Also healthy for plump cells and organ efficiency.

Garcinia Cambogia- A great fat loss supplement, get the one with the most HCA that you can. This will help with metabolizing fat.

Fish Oil: Energy, lubricated joints, and brain power, also cardio vascular support.

At least commit to this lifestyle for the time leading up to your next doctor appointment, you know the one that comes after they give you 6 months to lower your cholesterol before they give you a statin prescription for life.....

This is what worked for me, and continues to work. I feel great, and I hope you try it! It will help you to lose stubborn fat as well.

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