Improve Your Skin with Cupping (at home)

A good time to do this is when you are laying down and binge watching your favorite HULU or Netflix series, which I only do when I am ready to retire to sleep for the day.

Put on your favorite boy shorts and use righteous skin moisturizer as a great slip before you cup!

I cup my legs, as it's great for lymph flow, especially near the knees, inside and top, and all over my thighs front and back.

Also, all over arms, upper and lower.

Neck, upwards..

Face, helps with a natural glow due to increased blood flow..

Be careful as it can be painful, you can gauge the pressure yourself to make it easy to slip around the cup back and forth, up and down.

Benefits of cupping include:

1. Blood Flow/Circulation

2. Diminished Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite is mainly caused because of a genetic condition which causes fluid retention, an inefficient lymphatic drainage system and weak veins that result in ineffective blood circulation. Hormonal imbalances can also cause the development of more fat cells. These factors result in the fat cells lying under the skin converting into cellulite. This cellulite pushes up the cords connecting the skin to the underlying muscle and creates the ungainly appearance of the dimpled, orange peel look on the skin that is a sign of cellulite.

When suction is applied on the skin, the reverse pressure causes the cellulite to break up. Blood circulation is stimulated, and the fat and toxins that are released are moved to the lymph drainage network. Since cupping therapy also promotes a more efficient drainage of the lymph nodes, these toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. Cupping is also known to ease the cords connecting the skin and muscle. In this way, fluid build-up is reduced and the skin develops a more cellulite-free healthy appearance. It has been reported that cupping aids in the detoxification of the body, creates a firmer, tighter appearance of the skin, and removal of stretch marks, acne and scars. The body is more shapely and better blood circulation results in the appearance of a healthier looking skin.

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3. Takes away muscle soreness

I have a sensitive tendon in my right forearm, cupping helps it heal quickly and takes away soreness immediately!

4. Weight Loss

Proper stimulation from cupping therapy can result in the release of stress and anxiety, eliminate water retention, remove toxins from the body, stimulate the digestive system, control food cravings, promote effective metabolism and bowel movements. All these factors when combined lead to weight loss in the patient’s body. Therapy sessions have shown to be very effective and patients have reported steady weight loss in each session.

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Traditional Therapeutic Cupping by someone else, typically on your back includes a ton of health benefits!

What are the benefits?

1) Stimulates whole body relaxation response (parasympathetic response)

2) Stimulates oxygenation and detoxification of blood while promoting a feeling of lightness and relief of pressure

3) Detoxifies metabolic debris in muscle tissue, fascia, and skin

4) Increases range of motion, breaks up adhesions, and promotes healing in scar tissue and chronic injury sites

5) Increases lymphatic drainage & promotes circulation

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Precautions to Take Before and After Cupping

Drink lots of water for hydration and removal of toxins from the body. Post treatment, it is advisable to consume liquids like green tea and water. Avoid fried, heavy and fatty meals and meat as far as possible. Exercise helps to speed up the benefits of cupping treatments.