Agrisept-L, Wonder Antioxidant

I love sharing great products and interesting supplements with you all. Recently, I discovered Agrisept-L (grapefruit (seed), Lemon (seed), lime (seed), Tangerine (seed) which is a liquid formulation that I mix in a shot of OJ. I take 3 drops a day to start. I have an interest in healing my GUT and have had a nagging concern over possible candida overgrowth for years. (I use grapefruit seed oil in some of my formulations for its powerful antibacterial qualities).

I stumbled upon this gem of a supplement because I am on a Candida Cleansing support page. It always pays to read the comment sections on posts that interest you because you can gain helpful tips and learn about supplements like Agrisept-L!

Agrisept-L is so versatile and easy to use, we recommend it to everyone! This all-natural, non-toxic liquid is loaded with bioflavonoids for healthy antioxidant benefits—inside and out. Agrisept-L formula balances your body’s flora and fungus levels for an increased sense of wellness. Simply add a few drops to enhance the quality of your drinking water or use it to clean fruits and vegetables for prolonged freshness.

Agrisept-L also influences weight loss inhibitors in your body to boost the effectiveness of your weight loss program. So easy and convenient, you’ll want to take it wherever you go!

Agrisept-L is an all-natural; non-toxic product containing citrus fruit extracts. Laboratory and clinically tested, this versatile liquid may be used both internally and externally. Agrisept-L is a natural source of bioflavonoids which assist the body's ability to rid itself of harmful bacteria. It aids in eliminating yeast in the body commonly known as Candida Albicans. Candida can zap your energy and is often an inhibitor to weight loss.

It has been touted as a great anti cold, anti flu preventative for thousands and thousands of people.

Here is a list of benefits that are associated with the supplement:

This is a web based PDF which explains a lot about the supplement into greater detail.


Boosts Energy

Helps Eliminate Yeast in the body

Promotes Weight Loss

Helps Prevent Cold & Flu

Eases Sore Throat!

Helps Eliminate & Prevent Skin & Nail Fungus

Helps Eliminate & Prevent Gingivitis (Gum Disease)

Helps Eliminate & Prevent Athletes Feet

Purifies Your Water

Cleans & Kills Toxins & Bacteria In Fruits, Vegetables, Meat & Poultry

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