Jade Rolling, Is it just a Fad, or Does it Work?

jade roller

Asian women have been jade rolling since the 7th century and it's caught on in the west lately and I am a huge fan! I have found that my skin tone is more even and the roller distributes product more deeply into my skin making it more radiant and healthy looking. We have them back in stock in our online shop! 

When massaging the face with the roller:

Start at the center of the face under the eyes and cheekbones moving out towards the hairline

Start from chin and move towards ear on jawline

Finish by rolling the neck toward the center of the clavicle. 

These motions will send all the toxins built up in the face towards the center of the body where it can be processed and eliminated.

Regular jade rolling will depuff your face, and make your skin tighter and firmer. Many people enjoy the immediate benefits of it if they have congestion, allergies, ate too much salt, or slept on their faces the wrong way!

In the exact same way deep tissue massage can revitalize your skin and circulation, so can the jade roller. Our facial muscles store a lot of tension. Think jaw clenching, of which I am naturally guilty of, I don't even realize I am doing it half the time until I am more purposely conscious. 

The gentle pressure of the jade roller, promotes circulation, plumps and firms skin and can make it look like you got your eight hours of sleep, even if you haven't!

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