Lowering Cholesterol Part Deux

I was thinking about writing this post earlier and was looking at the news online and saw an article about how cholesterol might not be the hugest factor in heart disease, and blood pressure may be the bigger boogie man. I still waited for my latest blood work to determine whether or not I would share my success and research.

I have family history of early onset death from heart related issues so I am ultra cognizant of my blood work. I have super hero genes from my mother's side and not so great genes from my paternal side.

This story began when my primary care physician sat me down to go over my blood work and was very concerned, especially at my triglyceride number which was 194! She asked, "Are you drinking everyday?" And if you know me, I rarely drink, and then she asked if I was eating sugar every day and I replied no. I mean I am not eating Sweedish fish every day. Her reaction to my blood work made me very nervous, especially in light of one of my friends having bypass surgery fairly recently.

I sat down and thought of what I could have been doing differently to elevate my triglycerides. I was eating a lot of dried cranberries in my salads, and I was using a topical steroid for a stubborn rash for longer than I should have been! I discovered some research tying high glycerides to steroid use! In reaction to this new information, I formulated an oregano oil and apricot seed oil blend and also a rash oil blend and in combination of the two, I managed to eliminate my stubborn rash.

My total cholesterol was 230, my HDL was 50, and my LDL was 141!

I began my natural supplementation regimen, Fortified Flax (Barleans), 2 tablespoons a day, Cholestene, 2 pills twice a day, with meals, GUGULIPID once a day, and then after 2 months of that, I added in at night: vit e, cayenne pepper, D3, CoQ 10, and vitamin K one hour before bed each night, for a full month before new blood work. I did not deprive myself of any foods. I ate flax in Carvel Hot Fudge Sundaes, oatmeal and yogurt.

I ate french fries, pizza etc. I exercised moderately, I have little time with a full time job and two craft businesses. Some weeks are better than others in the gym dept.

Yesterday, I got my new blood results back, and my total cholesterol is 197, LDL is 120, and HDL is 53. THIS IS ONLY FROM NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS!

I am now inspired to eat well again and see how low I can get it with my supplementation routine and am going to really try to exercise more, because it makes me feel so much better than when I don't!

My mother does the 5, 2 diet. I am going to do my best to implement that into my busy life as well. Because of my decadent diet, I could stand to lose about 6- 10 pounds. I am lucky I carry it well, as my body weight is very even distributed. With weight loss, I think I can really get my numbers even better!

It's been a real journey for me, and I encourage all of you to look at the side effects of your medications, because they are hazardous. I am only on Allergy pills, Allegra, Zyrtec and feel pretty fine. I am rather scared of pharmaceuticals.

To celebrate last night, for dinner, since I got home late, consisted of a Trader Joe's Apple Blossom and Trader Joe's salted caramel gelato. I know, I know.. BAD, but today is a new day!!!! I had a sensible tossed salad: baby romaine, celery, red apple, red onion, hard boiled egg whites, avocado, shredded carrots, red wine vinegar and olive oil.

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