Supercharge Your Immune System

In perilous times such as these, it is vitally important to supplement your immune system.

Start at the cellular level with nicotanimide- water soluble b3 or niacin without the skin flushing. I like to get mine with resveratrol. This supplement directly addresses cellular health and energy. All our organs are comprised of cells, it only makes sense to supplement and support them.

Immunity support:

Ancestral Grass Fed Beef Organs- This is a good introduction to this popular line. Amazon sells it as does the website. However, Amazon features about 2,406 reviews as of today. 5 stars.

Colloidal Silver- A little less than a teaspoon a day. Nature’s anti-biotic.

Zinc Picolinate- A highly absorbed form of zinc.

Elderberry- Not only does it boost immunity but dissolves fat in the blood.

Oregano Oil- Natural anti-biotic, anti-fungal, helps allergies, colds, & fatigue.

Carbon 60 or C60- One of the strongest anti-oxidants in existence. Energy, absorbs toxins and free radicals and super charges your immune system. It is jokingly referred to buckminsterfullerene, or buckyballs, is a spherical molecule comprised of 60 carbon atoms.

Echinacea- Aid in healthy cells, fights breast cancer, and inflammation. Lowers blood pressure, and helps to manage anxiety.

Iodine- Great for metabolism, circulation, thyroid, and for people who do not consume a lot of meat.

Jiaogulan- Strengthens immune system, endurance. Great for cholesterol, blood pressure, cough, bronchitis, inflammation. Anti-oxidant, and detoxification.

Mucuna- Good for nervous disorders, aphrodisiac, anti-anxiety, calming.

B12- Important for white blood cell production. White blood cells are essential for immune system. Natural immunotherapy.

Probiotics- Everyone knows that your immunity is tied to your gut. Always replenish your probiotics so your immune system can flourish.

Drink plenty of water, limit your alcohol and sugar intake and try to eat lightly so your body can focus on immunity rather than expending all its energy on digesting heavy meals.

This is a good list to begin to establish vitality and a thriving immune system.

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